Scott Derrickson Praises Non-MCU Multiverse Movie Everything Everywhere

Original Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson praises the non-MCU multiverse movie Everything Everywhere All at Once. The film from directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, known collectively as the Daniels, released in theaters on March 25 after premiering at South by Southwest earlier that month. Everything Everywhere All at Once reviews have been stellar, and the audience response even more enthusiastic, with the A24 movie building into a rare word-of-mouth box-office hit.

The Daniels' movie sees Michelle Yeoh's Evelyn, a woman generally disappointed with her life, discover that she might be the key to saving a multiverse in crisis. Praised for its mind-bending creativity and silliness, even when exploring intense themes and genuinely emotional relationships, Everything Everywhere All at Once has also attracted comparisons to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which hit theaters last week. The big-budget Marvel blockbuster from director Sam Raimi also makes use of the multiverse storytelling device, which has inevitably invited discussion amongst fans as to which movie does so the best.

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Now, perhaps throwing his hat into the ring, Derrickson tweets some serious praise for Everything Everywhere All at Once as Doctor Strange 2 dominates the box office. Calling the Daniels' film an "absolute masterpiece" and tagging the popular arthouse distributor A24, the Doctor Strange director notes with confidence that he's already seen the best movie of 2022. While he doesn't mention the MCU sequel by name, Derrickson's broad declaration makes it pretty clear which of the two he would prefer if forced to make the comparison. Check out his original tweet below:

While Derrickson is credited as an executive producer on Doctor Strange 2, he was initially supposed to co-write and direct the sequel to his Marvel project, at one point reported to be the studio's first horror movie. After ushering it through the development stage, Derrickson left Doctor Strange 2 due to creative differences in January 2020, just months before filming was scheduled to begin. Rumors emerged afterward that this was because the Sinister filmmaker wanted to lean too heavily into horror, though Feige has since debunked this theory, something the frightening elements that made it into the final product seem to back up.

While Derrickson endorsed Raimi's Doctor Strange 2 hiring, fans have been eager to learn what he thinks of the movie Marvel eventually made, though he doesn't seem likely to want to step on anyone's toes anytime soon. Instead, he's shared a love for Everything Everywhere All at Once that has been seen across Hollywood, with some celebrities even promoting the film without being in it, such as Andrew Garfield wearing hotdog hands. Indirectly, however, it seems like Derrickson knows how he'd cast his vote for which movie does the multiverse better.

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Source: Scott Derrickson/Twitter

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